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The Reasons Behind The Whys

Why do we do the things that we do?

Why do we play and make the music we do?

It’s simple. Because we need to. We cannot not do what we do. We need to say the things that we say because we cannot not say them. Because we know we have a message that we need to send and make ourselves heard. Because we can’t live anymore with our music locked away inside us. Because we direly need to say how we feel and what we think and what we know to be our truth.

First of all: caring. Caring in this short life makes a world of a difference.

Second and third: don’t take any bs and fight for what you believe in.

These are the concepts we do our best to live by, which keep us centered and grounded in our daily lives, which help us keep focus on our music as well.
Thus, we are making our debut album which we are funding completely by ourselves. No sponsorship, no record deal, nada…not even a concrete fanbase. Still, we LOVE the process and we fight everyday to be better at our craft. We can’t deny ourselves.

But, above all else what we appreciate most in our lives and we’re eternally grateful for is that we have families, friends, and a whole lot of people in which we take the chance to confide in, whom on their end believe in us as human beings, as children, as fathers, as brothers, as husbands and lovers. These people are actively supportive of what we do and who we are as individuals and as a band. They do their best helping us get our message across in so many different, amazing ways. We are truly, deeply grateful to you, first and foremost!

Thank you!

We’re on Spotify!

Follow us for updates and add us to your playlist!